Mind the Gap

From 2021, this site has the collected writings of several years, from a couple different blogs (which are still ‘out there’, and linked to on relevant pages. But as such, there is a glaring gap of a couple years in terms of blogging. It is both circumstantial and symbolic: the loss of the Mackintosh building at the Glasgow School of Art underpins many of the complex reasons for this. Shifts in focus, attention; the difficulty in writing about such an event; the need to pivot to other things; a renewed focus on redrafting and revising the book I am writing on this building; and an array of other personal and professional circumstances. Oh, and a pandemic – and here you will find a batch of my best recipes that kept me sane.

But it’s time to refresh and begin anew. Fingers crossed there will be more to say here in the coming months and years…

All posts preceding this one have been imported from other blogs, so links and images might be a little wonky.

Author: Robyne Calvert

Cultural Historian... art, design, architecture, fashion, etc.

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