The Künstlerpaar

One of the enticing things about the work of Margaret Macdonald and Charles Rennie Mackintosh is the intimate creative partnership they shared. Their friend Muthesius called them the Künstlerpaar – the ‘art couple’. It’s part of what attracted me to their work, and I’ve written and talked about it for, gosh, over 15 years now. For Valentine’s Day, here a selection of things to swoon over…

Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, 
The Heart of the Rose, ca. 1902. Painted plaster panel, 96.8 x 94 cm. The Glasgow School of Art. 

First, here is a talk I did a year ago for the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society on artistic couples.

A post on the May Queen and the Wassail.

More on my favourite, Willowood.

And picking apart the rumoured love triangle between Mackintosh, Macdonald, and Jessie Keppie.

Author: Robyne Calvert

Cultural Historian... art, design, architecture, fashion, etc.

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