Lecturer, Researcher, Curator, Pop Culture Enthusiast, Erstwhile Chef, Aspiring Geek and Cosplayer Wannabe

I am a Cultural Historian.

I came to this realisation a few years ago, after becoming weary of explaining which of my many hats I was wearing at which time (art, architecture, design, fashion, virtual art, heritage, material culture, etc. etc.).

I research and lecture in visual culture in many forms: art, fashion, architecture and design history and theory. I have been the Mackintosh expert at the Glasgow School of Art, and am currently completing a new history of the Mackintosh Building at GSA, to be published by Yale University Press in 2022. I’ve also been a visiting lecturer in dress history and technical art history at the University of Glasgow. I was awarded the Pasold Fund PhD bursary for my thesis ‘Fashioning the Artist: Artistic Dress in Victorian Britain, 1848-1900’ (University of Glasgow, 2012). 

Born and raised in the sweltering Art Deco metropolis of Miami, Florida, my love for architecture and design was cultivated from an early age. This was furthered during my undergraduate studies in the American Midwest at Indiana University, Bloomington, during which times I drove up to Chicago whenever possible. I spent ten years as a museum administrator and educator before returning to academia at the University of Oregon, then on the grand adventure in Scotland.

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