The Künstlerpaar

One of the enticing things about the work of Margaret Macdonald and Charles Rennie Mackintosh is the intimate creative partnership they shared. Their friend Muthesius called them the Künstlerpaar – the ‘art couple’. It’s part of what attracted me to their work, and I’ve written and talked about it for, gosh, over 15 years now.

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From Tea Gowns to Buffet Dresses

Can we embrace these food-themed fashions for their beauty, rather than because they hide our curves?

Recipe: Cuban Flan

Knocking this one out quick for my pal Lori, who finds herself stuck with 1 can evaporated milk & 1 can sweetened condensed, and unsure how to use. This is the BEST way, so easy, but definitely not one for people avoiding sugar. INGREDIENTS 1⁄2cup sugar 1 teaspoon water (optional) 1 whole egg 5 egg

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Mind the Gap

From 2021, this site has the collected writings of several years, from a couple different blogs (which are still ‘out there’, and linked to on relevant pages. But as such, there is a glaring gap of a couple years in terms of blogging. It is both circumstantial and symbolic: the loss of the Mackintosh building

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