Glasgow School of Art Fire

Mackintosh Library, April 2014. Photo courtesy Bob Proctor.
Mackintosh Library, April 2014. Photo courtesy Bob Proctor.

I’ve been wanting to write something about this in the past two weeks since the devastating fire erupted in our beloved ‘Mack’, and destroyed the exquisite library – but I just can’t find the adequate words. Simply this: the Mackintosh Library was honestly my favourite room in the world, and I now know it is possible to be a bit in love with a building, because my heart broke that day – and I was not alone in that feeling at all.

I feel so privileged to have been able to use that space, especially to teach in it and engage with it alongside my brilliant students in my Artistic Dress course tableaux vivants, please read about them here.

To donate to the GSA Fire Fund, or ask about the new Phoenix Bursary to support Fine Arts students who lost their work that day, please go here:

The official word on the Mackintosh Library losses to date, and what you can do:

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